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Samuel Johnson who removed to Hollis, NH

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Looking into the identity of Samuel Johnson requires a look into his uncle, Edward Johnson.  The article Captain Edward Johnson, of Woburn, Mass., and some of his descendants by Hon. Edward Francis Johnson (The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 59, on pages 275-6) shows the following:

The author identifies Samuel, father of Ezekiel, in the pedigree.  Going back to pages 152-153, we find:

Samuel6 Johnson (Samuel5, Samuel4, Capt. Edward3, Maj. William2, Capt. Edward1), who moved to Hollis, NH with his father’s brother Edward and was the father himself of Ezekiel, was born 20 Jan 1749 (probably in Woburn, MA) to Samuel Johnson and Elizabeth Kendall.  No other information on this Samuel is provided in the author’s article.

In the Woburn town records, we find two entries for a Samuel Johnson’s marriage within the same year.  The first is for a Samuel Thompson/Johnson* and Lydia Jones, of Concord, at Concord, May 10, 1770.  The second is for a Samuel, Jr., and Rebecca Connolly, Nov. 8, 1770.  However, the former couple does not have any children having been baptized in Woburn, but there are children baptized in Woburn for Samuel and Lydia Thompson.  This makes me believe that the Samuel Johnson I am interested in probably married Rebecca Connolly.  The author of “Captain Edward Johnson, of Woburn, Mass…” notes that Samuel and Edward Johnson removed to Hollis, NH around 1770–presumably shortly after Samuel’s marriage.

Marriage records of Hollis show that three Johnson girls married in 1790 and 1804. These are assumed to be 3 of the 4 daughters of Samuel which were enumerated in the census.  Polly Johnson of Hollis, NH married Daniel Lawrence in Hollis, NH on 6 May 1790.  Sarah Johnson of Hollis, NH married Gould Robbins of Dunstable in Hollis, NH on 30 Aug 1804.  Ann Johnson of Hollis, NH married David Roby of Dunstable in Hollis, NH on 30 Oct 1804.

I have not found record of Samuel Johnson in Hollis after 1800.

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