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Destruction of library books

This is what I hate about people: they will take a razorblade and cut out about 200 pages of a library book–because they want that information. Photocopy? Transcription? Too much work and too much money for them, it just makes so much more sense to rip it out!

This book deals with land patents and surveys in New York between 1766 and 1882. I am trying to understand the border disputes between Massachusetts and New York, and was hoping it would help. All of the appendices with all of the details and data have been ripped out. The book itself is from 1884, so who knows when they were ripped out. “Ripped out” is also not really accurate, because it was done with a razorblade very cleanly and very precisely. This was not a heat-of-the-moment type thing, this was someone who thought about what they were doing and have the forethought to bring a razorblade with them into the library.

ARGHHH!! Assholes.

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