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Neffs included in JA Caldwell’s History of Indiana County, Penn’a

8 June 2011 Leave a comment

Typically, when I add books to the Library page, it’s because I’m getting ready to return the book to the library. This is the case with my list of pages listing Neffs in JA Caldwell’s 1880 publication, “History of Indiana County, Penn’a, 1745-1880.” You can view it at online for free, but it’s helpful to have an index.

Page Person mentioned
233 Aaron Neff
234 Aaron Neff
235 Aaron Neff
236 Aaron Neff
296 A.P. Neff (Abram P. Neff? Caldwell has as 64th Regiment, but no A__ Neff in 64th according to Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System)
297 Ezra Neff
301 Jacob Neff, Martin Neff
411 John Neff
446 Rev Aaron Neff
463 Catherine Neff
467 John Neff
473 Phebe Neff
479 Phebe Neff
511 Jonathan Neff
536 John Neff, Pernilla Neff
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