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Pisdorf Mentions of Quirin

Some mentions of Quirin in the church book for Pisdorf city.  Pisdorf BMS 1698-1896, 3 E 376/3

p 5:
Baptism of Jacob Eberhard Becht, 1 February 1699: Mr. Johann Jacob Becht, U.F.Licent.  and the appointed officeman of Saarwarden.
Mrs. Maria Magdalena
Jacob Eberhard
Mr. Johann Nickol Quirin, rentmaster of Wolfskirchen
Mr. Johann Philipp Mader, Notary and appointed office clerk of Saarwarden
Mrs. Anna Elisabetha, wife of Gustavus Herrenschmidt, pastor (Pfarrer)

Baptism of Philipp Lorentz Quirin, 31 August 1704: Johann Jacob Quirin, blacksmith and Anna Maria Raub, parents.  Witnesses: Lorenz ____ Mueller of Saarwarden; Philipp _archer, butcher; and Margaretha, Heinrich Quirins wife of Wolfskirchen

Baptism of Margaretha Barbara Herrenschmidt, 24 September 1705: Gustavus Herrenschmidt pastor of Pisdorff and wife Elisabetha _archer.  Witnesses: Joh. Bartholomaus Larch(?), tanner of Bockenheim; Maria Barbara, Joh. Theobald __; Margaretha, wife of Nicolai Quirin __graflich of Nassau-Saarwarden, rentmaster and tanner? of Wolfskirchen

Baptism of Johann Peter Feuder, 5 February 1708: Johann Michael Feuder, schlosser (locksmith, tinkerer, etc) of Pistorff and Anna Elisabetha Eva.  Witnesses: Joh. Jacob Quirin, blacksmith of Pistorff; Joh. Peter Schuster, __macher; Margaretha, Joh. Philipp Karcher’s wife; Elisabetha, Johann Jacob Kleiner’s wife.

Baptism of Ludwig Honsdorff, 25 September 1711: Georg Friedrich Honsdorff, pastor of here, and his wife Louisa Salome Wagner.  Witnesses: Louisa Sophia Graff; Johann Friedrich Schmidt, high royal appointee office worker of Nassau Saarwerden; Johann Philipp Oberheim, inspector of __; Joh. Nicholaus Quirin, rentmaster of Wolfskirchen; Anna Margaretha Reeb, widow of here.

Baptism of Lorentz Reitenbach, 17 July 1716: Jacob Reitenbach and wife Margaretha Eva.  Witnesses: Johann Martin __tzstein of Hirshland; Lorentz Eva, younger; Margaretha Fisher; Anna Maria Quirin of Pistorff.

Baptism of Anna Margretha, 26 October 1717: Jost Quirin and wife Catharina Wilderneth?  Anna Margretha Stos; Daniel Weiss, younger; Johannes Wildernuth? younger.

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