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I think I figured out the Groton, MA problem

16 February 2012 Leave a comment

In an earlier post, I expressed confusion as to why land that was disputed between Massachusetts and New York was referred to as belonging to the proprietors of Groton, MA–I couldn’t find a nearby Groton that would logically fit.  Today I think I figured it out.

The proprietors of the town of Groton, MA were granted land in 1771 as compensation for land lost when the line was ran between Massachusetts and New Hampshire (of Groton gore).  These proprietors then sold the land to the various people mentioned in the petition.  When the line between Massachusetts and New York was surveyed and “ran,” it was discovered that these lands were not a part of Massachusetts, so the petitioners were granted the land in Maine.

The land that was lost was not called Groton, it was just land that was granted to the proprietors of Groton in a similar equivalent lands deal.

I did get a copy of the map of the grant from Massachusetts Archive.  It was bounded in the southeast corner by Williamstown, MA.  One part of the grant was bordered by “Capt Gardner,” but I’m not sure which Gardner that is referring to.  It seems to include what is today Petersburg, NY.

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