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Pisdorf Quirin Notes

Incomplete, but need to remind myself–19 Dec 1677 baptism record in Wolfskirchen has Appallonia, wife of Conrad witnessing a Quirin baptism. I couldn’t make out the last name. Look into this!!!!!

p 2:
Wolfskirchen: 11 Feb 1736–baptism Anna Otilia, daughter of Joh. Nickel Kieren and Elisabetha

p 8: [All of this unsure] Wolfskirchen: Catharina Quirin, nee Schaffer, legitimate house wife of Daniel Quirin, burger.  Her parents were Conrad and Appollonia.  She was born in 1663 and married in 1692.  She had 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters.  [More info, but don’t understand]

p 9:
Wolfskirchen: Mentions Theobald Quirin, Johannes Quirin, and Otilia Schmitt.  No idea what it means.

p 10:
Wolfskirchen: Mentions a Fredrich, and Theobald Quirin.  No idea what it means.

Nind–?: Johannes Schaffer and wife Magdalena…

p 15:

Wolfskirchen: Mentions Theobald Quirin

Wolfskirchen: baptism of Heinrich, son of Jacob Stroh? and Christina Quirin on 22 May 1738

p 16:
Wolfskirchen: something about Johannes Schlosser and mother Anna Margaretha nee Quirin.

p 23:

Wolfskirchen: Daniel Quirin, Father: Pritius Quirin, Mother: Rosina Schmidt?  Born about 1668, married 1693 __ 5 children, 3 sons, 2 daughters. [don’t know the rest.  Assume part is that died at age 72.]

p 25:
Burbach: Jean ? George and Sophia Philippi of Phalsbourg (Sarre-Union) and daughter Elisabeth Charlotta

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