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Pisdorf Quirin Notes

26 October 2012 Leave a comment

Incomplete, but need to remind myself–19 Dec 1677 baptism record in Wolfskirchen has Appallonia, wife of Conrad witnessing a Quirin baptism. I couldn’t make out the last name. Look into this!!!!!

p 2:
Wolfskirchen: 11 Feb 1736–baptism Anna Otilia, daughter of Joh. Nickel Kieren and Elisabetha

p 8: [All of this unsure] Wolfskirchen: Catharina Quirin, nee Schaffer, legitimate house wife of Daniel Quirin, burger.  Her parents were Conrad and Appollonia.  She was born in 1663 and married in 1692.  She had 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters.  [More info, but don’t understand]

p 9:
Wolfskirchen: Mentions Theobald Quirin, Johannes Quirin, and Otilia Schmitt.  No idea what it means.

p 10:
Wolfskirchen: Mentions a Fredrich, and Theobald Quirin.  No idea what it means.

Nind–?: Johannes Schaffer and wife Magdalena…

p 15:

Wolfskirchen: Mentions Theobald Quirin

Wolfskirchen: baptism of Heinrich, son of Jacob Stroh? and Christina Quirin on 22 May 1738

p 16:
Wolfskirchen: something about Johannes Schlosser and mother Anna Margaretha nee Quirin.

p 23:

Wolfskirchen: Daniel Quirin, Father: Pritius Quirin, Mother: Rosina Schmidt?  Born about 1668, married 1693 __ 5 children, 3 sons, 2 daughters. [don’t know the rest.  Assume part is that died at age 72.]

p 25:
Burbach: Jean ? George and Sophia Philippi of Phalsbourg (Sarre-Union) and daughter Elisabeth Charlotta

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Deciphering Old German Writing

26 September 2012 1 comment

One thing that I learned to do that always amazes people is to read these old church records written in German, but in a handwriting that no modern-day German speaker I’ve met can decipher–all while never taking any lessons in German or understanding a word of it.  Let me provide the world with the links that helped me figure out what the heck these records were saying.

First off, the Kurrent script examples at are absolutely incredible.  Start there.  Of course, once you look at more than one town’s church book, you’ll see the vast difference in handwriting between peoples, but one great thing the author does is separate the samples by time periods.  For me, the most incredibly helpful page continues to be the Kurrent Alphabet Samples.  I’ll usually have this open in a window while I’ll be looking at records.  It shows multiple variations of how a single letter could be written (depending on the penmanship, where the letter was in the word, etc).  It’s invaluable.

Second, as if deciphering what the words were wasn’t hard enough, you then had to figure out what they meant!  In the case of the occupations, this could really be tough.  For this, I used a few different resources.  The first was Google translate.  Sadly, that rarely worked.  There were a few pages that I had to sort through to try to find the professions listed, or similar/root words listed (because the spelling back then wasn’t the greatest): European Roots Genealogy’s List of Old German Professions, Old German Professions and Trade Names, and finally, if it wasn’t listed on any of those, FamilySearch’s German Word List.

But, if anyone wants to take a stab at this one from last year, I’d love you forever!

Jacob Quirin, der Junge__, Britzon Quirin, alhier burger, und ___ kirchencensor alhier, ehel. sohn; __
jungfer, Anna Catharina, c__: be___ Schaffer, gr____ ____ alhier ____ ehel. tochter

Jacob Quirin, the young__, Britz Quirin, citizen of here, and ____ church censor of here, legitimate son; (married?)
young girl, Anna Catharina, ___: ___ Schaffer, ___ of here, legitimate daughter.

To Do: Quirins

7 October 2011 Leave a comment

Look into Quirin records in Pisdorf. While seem to have still been living in Wolfskirchen, had marriages in Pisdorf.
ex: Pisdorf BMS 1698-1896, 3 E 376/3, p 193, marriage of Joh. Jacob Quirin (son of Joh Jacob Quirin) and Anna Maria.
Annette Kunselman Burgert mentions marriage of Anna Elizabetha, daughter of Jacob Quirin to Georg Friedrich Stroh on 7 May 1737 in Pisdorf (C18th Emigrants: Northern Alsace, p 494)

Miscellaneous Quirin notes

22 September 2011 Leave a comment

Found some Quirins I hadn’t found while looking for a record in Durstel.

Joh. Anthoni Quirin, burger of Bettwiller, witnessed baptism in 1697 (Durstel BMS 1695-1763, 3 E 110/1, p 7)

Baptism of Catharina Margaretha Enßminger, daughter of Johann Philipp Enßminger and his wife Elisabetha witnessed by Anna Margaretha, daughter of Georg Nicolai Quirin, rentmaster of Wolfskirchen (Durstel BMS 1695-1763, 3 E 110/1, p 7)

Anna Barbara, daughter of Hans Anthon Quirin, burger witnessed a baptism in 1698 (Durstel BMS 1695-1763, 3 E 110/1, p 8 )

1730 23 July, of [Bettwiller?], Anna Elisabeth Quirin, daughter of Nickol Quirin (Durstel BMS 1695-1763, 3 E 110/1, p 59)

Quirins of Wolfskirchen update

1 August 2011 3 comments

I don’t know what has changed since before, but when I looked at the Wolfskirchen church records now, I can read them much more clearly.  I’m not perfect, but I can pick out the Quirin entries much better.  I have not gone through all of the records of Wolfskirchen, but I have gone through a bit.  The shorthand citations are all for Wolfskirchen, Protestant Parish, BMS 1671-1679 at the Bas-Rhin Archives, and the page refers to the page on the viewer–not any pagination on the leaves.

The first one is one that I’m having trouble with.  I believe it is a marriage record, but I’m not familiar with the words and cannot decipher some of the letters.  It just has the date 1673–no day or month (page 3, #9).

Jacob Quirin, der Junge__, Britzon Quirin, alhier burger, und ___ kirchencensor alhier, ehel. sohn; __
jungfer, Anna Catharina, c__: be___ Schaffer, gr____ ____ alhier ____ ehel. tochter

Jacob Quirin, the young__, Britz Quirin, citizen of here, and ____ church censor of here, legitimate son; (married?)
young girl, Anna Catharina, ___: ___ Schaffer, ___ of here, legitimate daughter.

Update: I received a translation for this (and other corrections) from an anonymous source. THANK YOU!
Jacob Quirin, the Jungern, Britzon Quirins, alten burgers, and dessmaligen kirchencensors alhier ehel. sohn: undt Jungfr. Anna Catharina, weyl: Bernhard Schaeffers gewessen unter-___man, alhier hinterlassen ehel. dochter.

Jacob Quirin, the young man or youngster, Britzon Quirins the old burger and the church censor of here, legitimate son; and Jungfrau Anna Catharina, deceased Bernhard Schaeffers, under___man of here, legitimate daughter.

Other records
21 September (feast of St Matthias) 1671: Britz Kurin, young man, and his legitimate wife Sinnel baptized their daughter Elizabeth. Witnessed by (p 7, #4)

8 September 1672: Jacob Kurin, young man, witnessed baptism of Matthias Heinrich, son of Andreas Marx and legitimate wife Eva (p8, #8)

17 September 1672: Niclaus Kurin, young man, and his legitimate wife Margaretha baptized their son Hans Phillip. Witnessed by Hans Philipp Geiss; Hans Gangloff; and young girl Anna Catharina, legitimate daughter of Bernhard Schaffer, deceased, died and left her here (p 8, #9)

9 February 1673: Baptism of Johannes Andreas, son of Johannes Nicolaus Geiss and his legitimate wife Anna Juliana. Witnessed by the pfarrer, Rev., Herr Meister Andreas Keueff(?), well thought of minister of Dimmeringen; Jacob Quirin, the younger, citizen of here; Anna Margaretha, legitimate wife of Hans Conrad Gerlach; Catharina, legitimate wife of Hans Adam Ensminger of Diemeringen (p 8, #11)

6 April 1673: Baptism of Augustin, son of Anstet Peter and his legitimate wife Margaretha. Witnessed by Jacob Barth; Jacob Stroh; Sinnel, wife of Britz Quirin the younger (p 9, #14)

10 October 1673: Baptism of Anna Eva, daughter of Andreas Schlosser and his legitimate wife Catharina. Witnessed by Niclaus Brum the younger; Eva, legitimate wife of Andreas Marx the shoemaker; and Anna Catharina, legitimate wife of Jacob Quirin, citizen of here (p 9, #16).

5 March 1674: Britz Quirin, the younger, citizen of here, and his legitimate wife Sinnel, baptized their daughter Anna Margaretha. Witnessed by Sebastian Klein; Margaretha, legitimate wife of Hans Theobalt Quirin of Bockenheim (now Sarre-Union); Anna Catharina, legitimate daughter of Niclaus Gerber (p 10, #20)

2 August 1674: Niclaus Quirin, the younger, citizen of here and his legitimate wife Margaretha baptized son Johannes Matthias. Witnessed by Britz Quirin, citizen of here; Matthias Schmiedt the younger; and Susanna, legitimate wife of Jacob Frantzen of Diedendorf (p 10, #22)

27 August 1674: Baptism of Hans Theobald, son of Niclaus Hackel and his legitimate wife Barbara. Witnessed by Hans Dintinger; Jacob Quirin, citizen of here; and Anna, legitimate wife of Joachim Burckhards (p 11, #23)

24 October 1674: Baptism of Hans Jacob, son of Peter Juncker and his legitimate wife Agnes. Witnessed by Niclaus Quirin, citizen of here; Hans Martin Karcher; young girl Maria, legitimate daughter of Theobald Stroh (p 11, #25)

3 September 1676: Britz Quirin, the younger, citizen of here, and his legitimate wife Synnel baptized daughter Catharina. Witnessed by Hans Martin Karcher, citizen of here; Margaretha, legitimate wife of Niclaus Quirin; and young girl Catharina, daughter of Hans Juncker (p 12, #33)

10 September 1676: Hans Martin Karcher, the younger, citizen of here, and his legitimate wife Barbara baptized their daughter Anna Barbara. Witnessed by Hans Hueltzenkoph the younger; Anna Catharina, wife of Jacob Quirin; and Barbara, wife of Jacob Stroh (p 12, #34)

10 October 1677: Baptism of Anna Catharina, daughter of Hans Theobald Stroh and Ermelia. Witnessed by Paulus Mueller; Christina, legitimate wife of Michael Gruenwald; Synnel, wife of Britz Quirin (p 13, #37)

16 December 1677: Baptism of Nicolaus, son of Hans Georg Schlosser. Witnessed by Michael Gruenwald of Diedendorf; Jacob Quirin, citizen of here; Barbara, legitimate wife of Niclaus Pflaum (p 13, #38)

19 December 1677: Jacob Quirin and his legitimate wife Anna Catherina baptized their son Hans Jacob (who died 3 May 1747). Witnessed by Hans Martin Karcher; Jacob Stroh; Apollonien, legitimate wife of Meister Conrad Schmeids of Hirschland (p 13, #39)

8 September 1678: Britz Quirin and Synnel baptized their son Hans Georg. Witnessed by Hans Georg Schlosser; Jacob Quirin, citizen of here; and Eva, wife of Andreas Schlosser (pp 13-14, #42)

btwn 30 Jun 1679 & 24 Aug 1679: Baptism of Hans Niclaus, son of Jacob Haeckel and his wife Ottilia. Witnessed by Cornelius Geiss; Jacob Quirin; and Eva, wife of Niclaus Hackl (p 14, #45)

24 August 1679: Baptism of Anna Catharina, daughter of Andreas Schlosser. Witnessed by Britz Quirin; the pharrer’s wife; Anna Barbara, Schmeids daughter (could be name or occupation) (p 14, #46)

9 September 1679: Baptism of Anna Maria, daughter of Jacob Stroh and his legitimate wife Barbara. Witnessed by Hans Martin Karcher; Anna Maria, wife; Anna Catharina, wife of Jacob Quirin

Quirins of Bettwiller and Wolfskirchen

24 March 2011 1 comment

I am sure this is not a complete list, and my transcription is not great.  However, this might be helpful to people (and it surely helps me sort out what I have found).  The shorthand citations refer to the city the records are under in the Bas-Rhin Archives, and the page refers to the page on the viewer–not any pagination on the leaves.

Waldhambach Records

Quirin Quirin is listed as the father in two marriage records: Hans Anton Quirin and Hans Philipp Quirin.

Hans Anton Quirin married Johanetta Wagner, daughter of Michael Wagner, on 20 Jan 1684 in Bettwiller (Waldhambach BMS p 124).  They had the following children:

  1. Anna Barbara Quirin, baptized 1684 (Waldhambach BMS p 5).  Baptism was witnessed by Otthilia, Georg Hans Philippi of Volksberg’s wife
  2. Anna Catharina Quirin, baptized 1688 (Waldhambach BMS p 12)
  3. [can’t read] Quirin, baptized 1690 (Waldhambach BMS p 20)
  4. Hans Nickol Quirin, baptized 1693 (Waldhambach BMS p 28)

Hans Philipp Quirin married Anna Margaretha Ensminger on 14 Feb 1693 in Bettwiller (Waldhambach BMS p 128).  I did not see any baptismal records.

Also listed is the confirmation of Jerg Quirin, son of Bricey Quirin, in Waldhambach (Waldhambach BMS p 114).  This is presumably Hans Georg Quirin, son of Bricius Quirin who is listed as having been baptized 8 Sep 1678 in Wolfskirchen in Brendan Wehrung’s portion of Ensmingers of Pennsylvania (pg 31).

Wolfskirchen Records

I have much more difficulty reading the Wolfskirchen records, so this has more gaps and things I couldn’t decipher.

What I have found seems to line up nicely with Brendan Wehrung’s information about the children of Britz Kurin/Quirin and Elisabetha Schmidt. I did not find mention of either of them, but Wehrun has their children listed as:

  1. Nicolaus QUIRIN, c. 03 Feb 1643, Wolfskirchen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
  2. Hans Thebalt QUIRIN, c. 24 Aug 1645, Wolfskirchen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
  3. Jacob QUIRIN, c. 15 Oct 1648, Wolfskirchen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
  4. Bricius QUIRIN, c. 15 Oct 1648, Wolfskirchen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
  5. Hans Heinrich QUIRIN, c. 24 Nov 1656, Wolfskirchen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France

I did not find anything on Hans Thebalt, but I believe I found information regarding the others which seem to line up with Wehrung.

Britz Quirin and his wife Synnel had:

  • Catharina Quirin, baptized 3 Sep 1676 (Wolfskirchen p 12, #33)
  • Hans Jacob Quirin baptised 8 Sep 1678 (Wolfskirchen pp13-14, #42)

In addition, Britz witnessed the baptism of an Anna Catharina in 1679 (Wolfskirchen p 14, #46).  Synnel witnessed the baptism of another Anna Catharina on 10 Oct 1677 (Wolfskirchen p 13 #37).

Margaretha, wife of Niclaus Quirin, witnessed the baptism of Catharina Quirin (daughter of Britz and Synnel).

Hans Heinrich Quirin witnessed the baptism of a Hans Niclaus in 1676 (Wolfskirchen p 12 #30).

Jacob Quirin and his wife Anna Catharina had:

  • Hans Jacob Quirin, baptized 19 Dec 1677 and died 3 May 1747 (Wolfskirchen p 13 #39)

Jacob witnessed with baptism of Hans Jacob Quirin (son of Britz and Synnel).  He also witnessed the baptism of Matthias Heinrich in 1672 (Wolfskirchen p 8, #8), Nicolaus on 16 Dec 1677 (Wolfskirchen p 13, #38), and Hans Nickolaus in 1679 (Wolfskirchen p 14, #45).

Bas-Rhin Civil Records (Etat Civil)

23 March 2011 2 comments

I’ve been working on going through the records of Waldhambach through the online Bas-Rhin Etat Civil, and it has been TREMENDOUS.  I’ve sorted out a lot of the Ensminger and Philippi lines and marriages, which had been really bothering me–there’s a good deal of intermarriage, but I wasn’t sure where.  I’ve filled in a lot of blanks.

I’ve also had a crash course in understanding Kurrent German handwriting.  Waldhambach records are  fairly easy to understand, even without any real knowledge of German or Latin.  I’m having a bit more trouble where the records are not in table form–Wolfskirchen and La Petite-Pierre (Lützelstein) come to mind!

One thing that I did figure out is that I probably will not be able to sort out the Quirin family.  There are two Quirin families that have intermarried with my Ensmingers and Philippis: children of Britz Quirin (aka Bricius Quirin) of Wolfskirchen and children of Quirin Quirin (aka Quirinus Quirin) of Bettwiller.  Quirin seems to be a somewhat popular surname in other parts of Alsace and in Lorraine, and the records I have found do not go back far enough to make a good connection.  I’ll be posting what I have found hopefully later this evening or tomorrow.

I’ve also been looking for hints towards Maria Christina Cleiss, wife of Johannes Philippi who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1750. I thought I had found her, as I found the baptism of Maria Christina Clauss, daughter of Hans Nickol Clauss and Anna Maria Windstein, on 14 Aug 1693 in Waldhambach, but then I also found her burial at age 11.  I’ll be posting what I did find out for that family, though.

On a side note, although I definitely appreciate and am eternally grateful for these records to be put online and freely accessible, there is no way that this could have come cheap, and no way the maintenance is cheap.  Whether we get them for free on the internet or not, things still have costs, and I have to wonder how many people are getting use of them and where those people are from.  I’m certainly not paying French or Bas-Rhin taxes, but yet I’m using it heavily.  I just have to wonder how sustainable this will be.  I would definitely pay a subscription fee.

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