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Sorting Through Early Lowthers in County Mayo

23 December 2011 Leave a comment

There were two Lowthers mentioned in Griffith’s Valuation in Ballysakeery, Co. Mayo in 1857: Andrew Lowther and Patrick Lowther. When comparing with vital and parish records, these appear to be:

  1. Andrew Lowther
    born about 1818
    married Judy Munnely before 1845
    died 1893 in Rathglass as a widower
  2. Patrick Lowther
    born about 1820
    married Babby Monly before 1855
    died 1880 in Rathglass as a widower

(You can view the listing of children in an earlier post.)

However, I think that there is good evidence of at least a third male Lowther at this time.

The first clue is in the baptism of Patrick Lother, son of Andrew Lother, in 1856. One of the witnesses was Michael Lother. It seems unlikely that Michael Lother (husband of Bridget Cawley) would be the witness, as he was only 15 years old at the time. This alone brings up the question of another Michael Lother and his relation.

The second clue has to do with the death records of Lothers. When they died, both Patrick and Andrew Lowther were widowers. Another death record exists for Julia Lowther. This Julia was born around 1826 and died in 1886. When she died, she was a farmer’s widow and her son Andrew Lowther was the witness. Julia could not have been married to either Andrew or Patrick Lowther because they had all been widowed.

It is my belief that Julia Lowther was the wife of Michael Lowther.

Julia’s son Andrew Lowther was probably the Andrew Lowther born about 1856 in Mayo according to the 1901 census. This is the only Andrew to have children recorded by 1886.

I think that Michael Lowther (husband of Bridget Cawley) was likely the son of Michael Lowther and Julia, and the brother of Andrew Lowther. An Andrew Lother was a witness for half of Michael Lowther’s children’s baptisms. It would make more sense that a brother or a father than an uncle. Andrew Lother is most likely not the son of Andrew Lother (husband of Judy Munnely) because Andrew & Judy’s son Patrick was born in 1856 and his birth/baptism recorded, but Andrew Lother (husband of Bridget) was born about the same time and not recorded, but it is a possibility.

An Anne Lowther was the daughter of a Julia, but the record lacks the year. It could have been the Ann Lother who married Francis Craig, as a Pat Creig and a Mary Creig witnessed Penelope Lowther (daughter of Michael Lowther and Bridget Cawley). Craig was a popular surname in the area, so it could also be that it’s a neighbor, a friend, or a sister and brother-in-law, but it’s unknown.

For more details, view the sources
Birth records from Roots Ireland
Census from National Archives (Ireland)


Family of Martin James Lowther: Finding the Co. Mayo links of Irish immigrants

23 December 2011 13 comments

The Lowthers have been my latest obsession. I can’t believe that I can find records for ancestors of mine in Ireland–I thought it was almost a lost cause. And yet, because of how few Lowthers there are in County Mayo, I’ve been able to figure out my ancestors a bit.

My immigrant ancestor is Martin James Lowther, who I knew had lived in the Bronx, New York, and who had emigrated from County Mayo. I had found his US census records, and I found his name on a ship passenger list from 11 Mar 1900. The ship passenger list is what really helped. It gave me his age as 23 and a last residence of Ballina. It also gave the address of the relative he was going to join–his brother-in-law Patt Gillespie at 12 Lexington Ave, New York City. Even more interestingly, a James Cawley was listed three lines down. He was also from Ballina, and was joining his cousin Mrs. Gillespie at 1512 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn. After going through the census records, I was able to find A Patrick & Mary Gillespie living at 1512 Lexington Avenue in 1900 (and 1514 Lexington in 1910 and 1508 Lexington in 1920).

So, Mary and Martin were brother and sister and had a cousin named Cawley. I found a ship passenger list from 25 Mar 1893 that has a Mary Lother (age 20) emigrating to New York from Ballina, which lines up with the census records. With Martin Lowther and James Cawley going to join Mary Lowther, I figured that there would be other family members who would also be visiting or joining Mary Lowther. An Ann Lowther was on two ship passenger lists but crossed out. The 9 May 1898 list has Annie Lowther (age 20) visiting her sister, Mrs. Gillespie, at 102 East 102nd Street, NYC. The 20 May 1898 list has Ann Lowther (age 20) visiting her sister, Mrs. Gillespie, at 102 East 102nd Street, NYC. On 19 Sep 1906, Annie Lowther (age 24) and Lizzie Lowther (age 18) from Rathglass were on a ship list to visit their sister Mrs. Gillespie at 1512 Lexington Avenue, NYC.

At any rate, this led me to baptismal records and civil birth registrations. Although I found records for a Martin Lother, an Ann Lother, a Mary Lother, and an Elizabeth Lother as children of a Michael Lother and Bridget Cawley, the dates did not match up with census records or the WWI draft registration of Martin James Lowther. But then, I found a census record from 1901 of the family. The ages don’t match up exactly with the registration & baptism dates, but it is clearly the same family–which makes me confident that the Lowthers who followed Mary Lowther were all the children of Michael Lowther and Bridget Cawley.

Children of Michael Lowther and Bridget Cawley

Mary Lother 1872 Rathglass
Catherine Lother 1874 Andrew Lother, Catherine Huston
Martin Lother 1876 Rathglass Patt Lother, Mary Lother
Ann Lother 1878 Rathglass Andy Lother, Mary Walsh
Bridget Lother 1882 Rathglass Patt Lother, Julia Lother, Catherine Cawley (Grandmother)
Michael Lother 1885 Rathglass
Elizabeth Lother 1888 Rathglass Andrew Lother, Bridget Rape
Penelope Lother 1891 Pat Creig, Mary Creig

For more details, view the sources
Birth records from Roots Ireland
Ship passenger lists & US census from‘s National Archives (USA) collections
Census from National Archives (Ireland)

Lowthers from Connors Genealogy

22 December 2011 2 comments

I went through the great transcription of the Ballysakerry Roman Catholic parish records ranging from 1845 to 1896 over at Connors Genealogy. These are not the complete records, but they were a great jumping off point.

Andrew Lother married Judy Munnely before 1845. They had:

  • Bridget Lother, 12 Oct 1845
  • Patrick Lother, 11 May 1856

Patrick Lother married Babby Monly before 1855. They had:

  • Elizabeth Lother, 15 Aug 1855

Bridget Lother married John Foody on 24 Jun 1865. In various transcriptions, he is listed as John Foody or John Hoody or even John Swift. They had:

  • Bridget Foody, 8 Dec 1866

Ann Lother married Francis Craig on 7 Feb 1867. They had:

  • Bridget Craig, 2 Feb 1868
  • John Craig, 21 May 1870
  • Mary Craig, 25 Feb 1872
  • Patrick Craig, 28 Feb 1875
  • Catherine Craig, 27 Mar 1877
  • Nabby Craig, 13 July 1879 (aka Sabina Craig)

Anna Lother married Thomas McNulty on 5 Feb 1870. They had:

  • John McNulty, 27 July 1871
  • Michael McNulty, 19 Sep 1873
  • Thomas McNulty, 5 Feb 1879

Michael Lother married Bridget Cawley on 1 Jun 1871. They had:

  • Catherine Lother, 17 Nov 1874
  • Martin Lother, 3 Nov 1875
  • Ann Lother, 22 Nov 1878
  • Bridget Lohter, 7 May 1882

Elizabeth Lother married Francis O’Boyle on 15 Jul 1879.

Maria Lother married Richard McAndrew on 7 Feb 1880.

Lowthers & Munnellys of County Mayo

22 December 2011 2 comments

I am trying to untangle the connections with the Lother/Lowther family, who were in Griffith’s Valuation in Rathglass West. According to some census records, the earliest Lowther was born in Co. Mayo in 1841–which is the earliest indication of when they were in Co. Mayo. There was a George Lowther from Scotland who was buried in Kilmoremoy in 1827 at the age of 27, but that’s it.

Two Lowthers married Munnellys.

Judy Munnely married Andrew Lowther before 1845. Had daughter Bridget in Ballysakeery in 1845 (witnessed by James Kearny & Bridget Kearny). They had Patrick Lowther in 1856 in Ballysakeery, witnessed by Michael Lother and Sibby Monly.

Babby Monly married Patrick Lowther before 1855. Had daughter Elizabeth in 1855 (witnessed by James Karny & Nancy Monly).

Because these are all women, it’s a bit difficult to decipher how they were all related, and I was hoping you might have some insight.

There was a Nancy Monally from Mount Jubilee would married a Thomas Donohue in Belmullet on 7 Feb 1839 (witnessed by Martin Murphy & Anne Donohue). Because of the distance, I doubt There was a 26-year-old Sibby Monelly from Knocknacally (dau of John Monelly, farmer) who married a 34-year-old Michael Kelly from Yawnanddy Duff (son of Patrick Kelly, farmer) on 6 Feb 1875 in Moygawnagh, Ballycastle, with Michael Kelly & Catherine Farrell as witnesses. I think it’s pretty obvious that this Sibby is not the same Sibby as the earlier witness.

Griffith’s Valuation Notes

21 December 2011 Leave a comment

Griffith’s Valuation (Mayo: 13 July 1857)
Those listed with Rathglass township (from Ballysakeery list)

Commons Catherine Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Doogan Michael Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Frazer Thomas Rathglass East Ballysakeery Mayo
Hanaghan Anthony Rathglass East Ballysakeery Mayo
Hannick John Rathglass East Ballysakeery Mayo
Kavanagh John Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Knox John Rathglass East Ballysakeery Mayo
Lowther Andrew Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Lowther Patrick Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Mc Hale Bridget Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
Mc Nulty Patrick Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo
O’Hara Michael Rathglass, West Ballysakeery Mayo

Cawleys in Crossmolina

Cawley William Gortnahurra, Lower Crossmolina Mayo
Cawley Peter Crossmolina Crossmolina Mayo
Cawley Michael Derryhillagh Crossmolina Mayo
Cawley Helena Maria Crossmolina Crossmolina Mayo
Mc Cawley John Grange Crossmolina Mayo
Mc Cawley Bartholomew Grange Crossmolina Mayo

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